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Course Design

Course Design

The success of a disc golf course depends more upon its design than any other element. A well designed course will appeal to players of all skill levels, using the land to its full potential while keeping the impact of the natural landscape minimized.

Careful study & planning ensures an interesting & fun flow taking into account several factors including safety, character, variety, balance & strategy. Our course designers with their attention to detail will deliver more recreational benefits for the players while accomplishing the goals of the land stewards. From the planning stages to the final installation, Buzzy Chains is your connection for quality course development.




What makes a good course?

After designing a course to its full potential that meets everyone’s needs, there are other important details to consider that will further enhance the interest & appeal of a disc golf course. The equipment & amenities are a part of the budget that needs attention.

  • BASKETS: A good quality basket with durable construction will provide many years of enjoyment & no maintenance.
  • TEES: Each disc golf hole starts from a safe, consistent teeing area and there are a few choices. Natural tees are the most economical with simple markers inserted at ground level for the mower to go over. They can be topped with a layer of crushed stone or other material. They do however require more maintenance & aren’t recommended for high traffic areas.
    • Tee Mats provide stable footing when driving the hole, & are an important safety feature for the disc golfer. Top quality mats are durable yet porous & can withstand year-round play in all conditions.
    • Concrete tees are the costlier choice but are the most durable & virtually maintenance free. On permanent courses, this is the desired surface for the players & land owners.
  • SIGNAGE:  A message board at the start of the course posts the course overview, educating players & visitors on the layout, rules & safety for the property. Other disc golf news & event flyers can be posted to keep everyone informed & up-to-date. Individual tee signs can identify the hole number, it’s direction, distance & surroundings to better inform the players & guests. Other course signs to consider are “out of bounds”, “caution/warning” or directional signs to help with course routing.
  • ON-SITE CONCESSIONS: A merchandise & concession stand will improve the course’s appeal for everyone.
  • AMENITIES/COURSE PERSONALITY: Course upgrades to consider include washrooms, trash cans, benches, alternate pin locations, practice baskets & features that make your course a unique & pleasant experience.


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